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Charlotte Edworthy

Charlotte Edworthy

Founder & Latin Tutor

Hello and thanks for visiting our site! Here’s a bit about how we got going……

Back in 2008, when we first came to Chichester, I was pleased to land a job teaching Latin part-time at a prestigious local prep school. I then set about locating a tutoring agency with which to sign up for supplementary work – as I had previously done in London. There wasn’t one. It seemed to me that an important local service was missing. National websites on which random tutors advertise their services are impersonal. As a client, I wouldn’t use one: parents want only the best for their children, and need to be absolutely sure that the tutor they employ is going to deliver. For a long while, I nourished the idea of setting up a local tutoring agency which would help parents by providing carefully chosen introductions to this end. 

Inkerman Tutors was duly born in 2016 and has been a success from the off. Inkerman is unique in that we meet our prospective tutors face to face and get to know them a little bit. The personal element is our calling card. That, and the fact that our tutors are all qualified and experienced: a safe pair of hands. We pride ourselves on matching students with tutors who we believe will connect with them and answer their needs. Our results speak for themselves in the form of parent testimonials and student performance in exams.

In 2018 I took up a second teaching job, this time at a senior independent school. I have many excellent colleagues and contacts within the teaching profession, who themselves have contacts. With online tutoring taking off – even locally, for reasons such as time-management and convenience – we are now reaching further afield into other parts of the country.

I am certain that our tutors are special, and will enable your child to develop in confidence, gain a love of learning and reach their potential.

Our Tutors

Some of our many tutors available to coach your child.


I have 20 years experience of teaching Physics A-level and Triple Science GCSE in a successful school rated Outstanding by Ofsted. For the last decade, I have been Head of Physics where I developed a deep insight into exam requirements. I help students visualise problems properly, grasp the underlying principles then apply them logically: a process that makes Physics far more intuitive. I have helped many students reach their goal of studying at Russell group universities and enter careers in Science, Engineering and Aviation. My personal interests are philosophy of consciousness, garden design and photography.

Physics Tutor


I’ve been teaching Science in both state and private sector at all levels, specialising in Biology. I enjoy the company of teenagers and can help remove their fear of Science. I have direct experience of many different GCSE syllabuses and Science combinations. I like to think I can encourage the weakest while also stretching the most able.

Sciences Tutor


I was born in Mexico and have been living in the UK for the past 20 years. I currently teach Spanish at Chichester Free School. I have a very secure knowledge of the GCSE and A level curriculum content. When not teaching I love to keep active by playing tennis or going to the gym.

Spanish Tutor


I have many years of experience teaching English and Literature in state and private schools abroad and in the UK – most recently at Churcher’s Collage where I still supervise EPQ students. I teach all levels. Apart from my deep commitment to the enjoyment of English, my particular expertise is in helping students who have lost confidence or motivation.

English Tutor


I am a self-confessed Maths geek, I aim to demystify maths and make it fun and accessible for all. I have experience teaching from primary to GCSE level.

Maths Tutor


I have been teaching English language and literature for over 25 years, in the private and state sector, from year 9 to year 11. I have also worked as an exam setter and marker for an International English exam board. I love reading, hiking and going to the theatre.

English Tutor


A Cambridge graduate, former journalist and celbrated TV and Radio scriptwriter, I retrained to teach Maths. I now share my time between writing, lecturing at the University of Chichester and tutoring in Maths, English and Creative Writing. An active musician, dog owner and keen mountain-biker, I’m also a trustee for Ovation, a charity that promotes confidence through performance for young people along the South Coast.

Maths Tutor


As a specialist Maths tutor, having taught in both the private and state sector, I teach to all levels and have experience teaching multiple exam board specifications. I have a love of learning which I seek to impart to his pupils.

Maths Tutor


I have a Business Degree and Business PGCE at Masters Level. Also 6 years Business teaching experience. I’m currently at South Downs college, teaching Business and managing some of the vocational departments. One of my recent A-Level Business tutees went from a Grade C to a Grade A. I have two beautiful daughters and am a keen runner.

Business Studies Tutor


Bonjour, My name is Catherine. Welcome to my French tuitions! I am a fully qualified, very experienced teacher, a native speaker and an examiner for GCSE. For A-Levels, I have covered many of the films and books along the years and I am always happy to learn about new ones for my students. My personal interests are many, the evolution of French culture, Spanish, Buddhism, veganism, the environment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a certain form of modern abstract painting…
Looking forward to meeting you and getting you to make great leaps in French!

French Tutor


I am an enthusiastic lecturer and teacher of Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies, Theology, History and Computing.  I hold a degree in Theology, Education with History, and a masters in Philosophy, Theology and Religion.  I’m an experienced teacher of A Level History and Religious Studies (for which I’ve also worked as an A Level examiner).  Alongside all this, I have taught Software Engineering at HE for many years, and teach A Level Computing.  I also write books, articles and features on spirituality and still enjoy Dungeons and Dragons!

Philosophy & Ethics Tutor