Distance Learning

Pros and Cons Covid gave us distance learning. Before that, online teaching was a rare tool. As a tutor, there are things I love and hate about distance learning. Right now, however, lets look at the student experience: In contrast, face to face learning has the added benefit of normalising social experiences. Children say it […]

Unprecedented Times!

Well, there’s an underused phrase…… Tutoring is really important right now – for many students. Speaking as a tutor, there was something quite novel, refreshing almost, about breaking the cycle back in April, staying at home and teaching online. For some children, this worked, and the communication between us was actually fun. It connected us […]

Good Teaching is about Communication

This article supports the unassailable fact that more than anything – fancy facilities, reliable resources, an excellent environment – good teaching supports our young people in achieving their goals:   The importance of great teaching on childrens success   It’s not rocket science. Effective communication between mentor and learner is what clears the way ahead. […]

The Purpose of Mocks

Every student suspects that the true purpose of mocks is to wreck Christmas. Who knows why. Another gut-wrenching disappointment to overcome on the way to growing up? But a parents’ evening at my son’s school last night suggested there might be other reasons. When it comes to revision, students are attracted to material that they […]

Revision Skills and Mentoring

Introducing Caroline Reynolds, former English teacher at Churchers School, Petersfield, where she was also the co-ordinator of ‘Springboard’ – a system devised to support students with their revision. Now she is offering private sessions to motivate your teenager into revising more effectively. When your child has stepped up to the plate, cleared the decks and […]

The Joy of Sets

Politics aside, there’s not a lot wrong with the idea of grammar schools.   That children of similar ability should be taught alongside each other, has obvious appeal. Progress is made more or less as one, whether it is achieved quickly or slowly. Crucially, the teacher does not have to divide her attention – impossibly […]