Revision Skills and Mentoring

Introducing Caroline Reynolds, former English teacher at Churchers School, Petersfield, where she was also the co-ordinator of ‘Springboard’ – a system devised to support students with their revision. Now she is offering private sessions to motivate your teenager into revising more effectively. When your child has stepped up to the plate, cleared the decks and […]

The Joy of Sets

Politics aside, there’s not a lot wrong with the idea of grammar schools.   That children of similar ability should be taught alongside each other, has obvious appeal. Progress is made more or less as one, whether it is achieved quickly or slowly. Crucially, the teacher does not have to divide her attention – impossibly […]

In Praise of Learning Languages

Increasingly languages are pushed to the back of the curriculum in favour of maths and the sciences. My daughter was recently invited to drop French so she could work extra hard on her maths. The thing is, she likes languages; specifically she’s quite good at grammar.   Nevile Gwynne, educationalist and author of Gwynne’s Latin, makes […]