Online Courses

New for 2023

Achieve a higher grade this summer with our revision GCSE courses!

1:1 tuition isn’t the only service we provide. Our online courses provide structure, consistency and a friendly learning environment.

In January 2023 we kick off with 3 courses

Higher Tier Maths, run by Jessica

Does your child worry that they’re not going to get the required 8 in maths GCSE for them to take it further?

A 12-week course tackling the main sticking points of the syllabus. For improving students, working towards grade 7 or above.

Foundation Tier Maths, run by Jessica

They JUST need to ‘pass’ maths! But the teacher doesn’t really help.

A 12- week course which focusses on the basics and the ‘easier’ topics. This will grow your child’s confidence and secure them a grade 4 or 5.

Double Science, run by Vicky

Perhaps your child has never really ‘got’ science, and needs friendly guidance through the main points of the overall syllabus.

A 10-week course which revisits, de-mystifies and nails the key topics. Your child will learn how to provide the answers examiners are looking for.

In the Easter hols (April 2023), we will run 3-week bitesize GCSE revision courses on:
Maths, Science, History, Latin and more.
To register your interest, call or email:
07973 670965

An initial 1:1 introductory assessment
2 x 1 hour weekday early evenings
A small amount of homework
1 x optional weekend drop-in hour for catch-up or extension
A final 1:1 progression assessment

Any materials used will be uploaded onto a study portal accessible to your child
Any written homework set will be marked by the tutor.

The group dynamic creates a friendly environment and de-intensifies the tutoring experience. Some students prefer this to 1:1 tutoring, particular weaker ones who may feel embarrassed or stressed about being put ‘on the spot’. As a teacher of a niche subject (Latin), I’m keenly aware of what comprises an optimum learning environment. I’ve found it depends not on how small the group is, but rather on the various characters and how they gel. Our tutors aim to facilitate friendly groups and make the learning experience fun.