I just wanted to say that Chloe has just come down from her lesson with and is absolutely buzzing! She thought you were just brilliant and hopefully your help will start to give her a bit more confidence and understanding of the subject. From a very happy mummy!

Charlotte, August 2021

Tilly just won the Philosophy prize, coming top of her year and surprising pretty much everyone! This time last year, she was looking at a C and came out with an A*. We are so grateful to David for all his help and for setting her on the right path. He certainly flicked the switch and instilled a great deal of confidence in her.

Kate, July 2021

Literally the best teacher Bea has ever had. She is performing 2 grades above her predicted result.

Tessa, July 2020

A grand success. Jessica is perfect.

Clare, March 2020

Alex decided to resit his A Level in order to take up a university offer. We are amazed. Thanks to Simon, Alex got an A*.

Angela, July 2019

I wanted to let you know that Will achieved an A grade in his Sciences which obviously he was thrilled with. I would just like to say a huge thank you to Dan for all his help and I know that his results in the main were down to Dan’s wonderful tutoring.


Ileana was great. Flora really liked her. They worked on the oral part of her Spanish IGCSE and Flora said that Ileana was very helpful and improved both her accent and her speaking. Flora achieved an A* in her Spanish.


Caroline has tutored Katy for nearly a year and been a great success, She was pleased with her AS result and looks forward to further support this year as she studies for her A2. Thank you so much.


Carole was fantastic. She really helped Karla make sense of her Food and Nutrition course, and the lessons were practical and fun.


Juliette is absolutely fantastic. She has a wonderful relationship with Eleanor, always comes well prepared and together they are making great progress.


James did brilliantly in his Latin Winchester Election, gaining an A. He’s enjoying his Greek lessons too. Thank you, Charlie, for supporting him on his journey.


Archie had an absolutely brilliant lesson with Stuart – I’ve never seen him so engaged and focused. He has the magic touch with fidgety boys! He’s very much looking to more sessions with him and is really chuffed Stuart felt he had some natural ability – it was a big morale boost.


Steve really opened Connie’s eyes to Art History. Before, she dreaded the essays, but he has helped her understand what is required of her and now she’s feeling much more confident.


Catherine fitted the bill perfectly – a delightful lady – gentle and very knowledgeable, who bonded with Daniel from their first session, making him feel very at ease. Being French herself was a huge bonus as her accent and the style she spoke with was very natural and Dan soon showed great improvement.


In just a couple of 2-hour lessons, Chloe helped Alex find his feet in his Physics A Level. She’s an extremely bright young woman and helped straighten out some key topics for him. He went into his exam feeling much more in control.


Stuart is a great maths tutor and his fresh approach has inspired my 2 boys.


James has been great for Jake’s confidence and has shown him how to make his writing more interesting. His work has come on a lot and our fingers are crossed for Common Entrance.


Vicky is lovely. Her calm approach is just what Dom needed to help him sort out his science. He’s so much more confident now.


Clare boosted Jessica's confidence with her Chemistry and moved her back on track so she could complete her papers. I am hopeful we can maintain this improvement with occasional input over coming months.


Stuart has been a great success teaching James. I am told maths is now fun and interesting. Certainly he seems keen to attend the sessions

Mrs J

Charlie helped Ben with his Latin for several months, and we were delighted when he won his Winchester Election. Thank you so much!

Anna, Rowlands Castle