Tutor Terms

1) Inkerman Tutors will actively try to find you work. Please let us know of any restrictions to your availability.

2) It is important that you make contact with the client within 24 hours of hearing from us – or tell us when you can contact them so we can pass on the message. Afterwards, please let us know what arrangement you have made, including the date of the first lesson.

3) Try to be punctual, and begin your hour from the point you settle down with the student. After the hour is over, bear in mind that you may need to spend a few minutes discussing progress with the parent.

4) Make it clear from the outset how you expect the client to pay. We recommend cash or transfer at the end of each lesson, but if it is easier for both parties, you can invoice them several lessons together at the end of an agreed period. Your agency fees are due at the end of each month pertaining to hours taught that month, whether or not you have collected payment for those hours.

5) At the end of each month you will need to fill out an online monthly timesheet and calculate your agency fees. You will then send appropriate payment by BACS (or Paypal if need be). This must be done before the 5th of each month. After that there will be a late fee of £5 added (unless you have given notice).

6) Do set homework if you see fit. If appropriate, suggest the student has a dedicated notebook in which they do their tuition work so you can write notes, set tasks and remind them of short-term targets.

7) Please let us know when a student wishes to stop tuition, including the date of their last lesson.

8) If you need to cancel a lesson do try to give your student at least 48 hours notice, more if possible.

9) You are self-employed and so will manage your own tax affairs with regard to your tutoring work.

10) IMPORTANT!! Any new clients for tutoring that you acquire by way of a family that Inkerman Tutors introduced to you in the first instance, should be declared to us, and the Inkerman Tutors price system, including agency fees, applied.

Standard tuition fees per hour from September 2022 are:

Year 7, 8 & 9 (KS3)
Year 10 & 11 (GCSE / IGSCE)
Sixth Form (A-Level / IB)
Degree and Adult
Multi-student lessons: for each extra student, add £15 up to Year 9, £20 from Year 10.
Cancellation charges: on the day cancellation = 100% lesson fee; the day before = 50% lesson fee.
Agency fees per hour: 20% lesson cost. So:
Primary £11; Y7-9 £11; Y10-11 £12; Sixth form and beyond £14; multi-student 20% total cost of lesson
A travel expense (not subject to commission) of £5 can be added for a journey of around 15 minutes, £10 for 30 minutes.