Unprecedented Times!

Well, there’s an underused phrase……

Tutoring is really important right now – for many students. Speaking as a tutor, there was something quite novel, refreshing almost, about breaking the cycle back in April, staying at home and teaching online. For some children, this worked, and the communication between us was actually fun. It connected us to each other – in a period when we craved connection.

But here’s the thing: the pupils who responded to online teaching were those already responding – at a high level – to education. Honestly – give these kids a text book and they’ll teach themselves. Our gaming sons and daughters, the ones who fix our laptops when they appear to have broken, tell us which button to press to access the tool we need on our phones, those kids – we thought – who would LOVE an excuse to be on their devices all day, they were the ones who never showed up. Their cameras ‘were broken’ they said, their audio ‘ not working today’. “But I sent in my homework, miss. Didn’t you get it?”

Those kids are suffering now. State or privately educated, they have (basically) missed several months of school. Some have national exams looming and need help to get them back on course. Schools are doing brilliantly (in these special times) but frequent staff / pupil absences and the constant threat of lockdown have an effect on overall focus.

Hiring not only a tutor, but an experienced teacher, to help them regain their confidence and realise their potential, will reap rewards. Our tutors are all personally known to us and recommended by us. They have all achieved success in their field and have masses to offer.

Don’t leave it too late.