Client Terms

1) REGISTRATION FEE. This is a one-off fee of £70, which covers administrative costs, and links your family to our fantastic network. It is payable from the time your new tutor first makes contact with you, up until no later than one week after your first lesson. Payment is usually by BACS (we will send instructions).

2) TUTOR PAYMENT. Our tutors are self-employed. Please pay them directly at the end of each lesson (or according to the tutor’s wishes). Do not pay for lessons in advance.

From September 2022, standard 1:1 tuition fees per hour, with an experienced teacher or tutor, are:

Year 7, 8 & 9 (KS3)
Year 10 & 11 (GCSE / IGCSE)
Sixth Form (A-Level / IB)
Degree and Adult
A negotiable travel expense of up to £10 (£5 per 15 mins car journey) may be added.

In certain circumstances, these fees may need to be adjusted, but this will be discussed and agreed in advance.

3) CANCELLATION. If you need to cancel a lesson, please notify your tutor as soon as possible so they can make alternative arrangements. For late cancellation, the charges are:

  • full fee if cancelled on the day
  • 50% if cancelled the day before.

4) RECOMMENDING OUR SERVICE TO OTHERS. Yes please! If you want to share the good news and pass on details of Inkerman Tutors to friends, we would be grateful. But we ask you NOT to:

  • Put friends and family in contact with tutors without letting us know.
  • Ask the tutor to teach another student without letting us know.
  • Ask the tutor to teach extra lessons privately without informing us.

Thank you for your understanding. Following these conditions strengthens our business, positively affects the quality of the service we provide, and is ultimately in all our best interests!