Good Teaching is about Communication

This article supports the unassailable fact that more than anything – fancy facilities, reliable resources, an excellent environment – good teaching supports our young people in achieving their goals:


The importance of great teaching on childrens success


It’s not rocket science. Effective communication between mentor and learner is what clears the way ahead. She who works for one student, may not work so well for another; to be sure, the best qualified, or most experienced teacher is not necessarily the bright light who turns out to be the inspiration for your own child. But when a young person has for a teacher someone they respect who speaks to them in a language they understand and seems to know how to help them progress, it’s very exciting. I’m sure we can all name the teachers we had many decades ago who made a difference (far more than we remember about the number of sports pitches or new computers we had).


If our children fail to engage with a subject, it can sometimes be a question of personality. A tutor can help simply by being someone new. The probability of effective engagement is much higher simply because the attention is undivided. Increasingly, our young people have learning styles which have been identified, but there’s not many a class teacher who is in a position to incorporate that style exclusively. A private tutor, by contrast, can.


Out tutors at Inkerman are all experienced at helping students navigate the hurdle of GCSEs and A Level. They know the syllabuses and are familiar with the challenges that lie therein. But most importantly they are people who relate to their students for better or worse, and might – just might – be the ones who switch your child on.